How to invest in stocks

I often heard this question from people. Before you made your decision to invest in stock market, try to ask yourself these:

Am I a finance person?
Did I know how stock market works?
Am I familiar with fundamental analysis and technical analysis of stocks? and
Am I capable of losing large amount of money?

If your answers are uncertain or mostly NO. I would recommend you to invest in unit trust. Here is why:

What is Unit Trust

A unit trust is a portfolio of different assets, which include a mix of shares, bonds and real estate among other investments. The portfolio is divided up into “units”, which are then bought by investors. Unit trust funds are professionally managed by fund managers.

Investing in Unit Trust greatly reduces your risk of losing large amount of money since the risk is diversified and classified into different risk categories for your preference to choose from. You can even choose to invest in foreign stock market with Unit Trust.


About me


My name is Paul, a mechanical engineer graduate from Sibu, Sarawak. In school, we were taught to learn different knowledge. We were asked to study hard for a good grade, so we are able to find a good job for enough money and contribute to our society, our nation. 

But, we were never taught to be rich. We never learnt how to invest, how to let your money work for you, how to create passive income. 

Until 18, when I started to go to the university, I felt a need to grow my money. I realize my money is limited and I never learnt any knowledge to earn money except from getting a job.

From there, I start my journey to learn about finance on my own. Hi, I am a unit trust consultant from Public Mutual. If I may, I can lent you a hand to achieve your financial goal. Thank you.

Financial goal

I want to achieve my financial goal. Here is what I did, I started now. Did you?


Getting a degree in mechanical engineering did not stop me to get into finance. I never stop to update myself with financial knowledge.


Early retirement is something realistic. Why don't you give it a try? I am working hard on it now. Join me.