Unit Trust

We are committed to help investors meet their financial goals via the management and distribution of unit trust. 

Investors purchase units in mutual fund by entrusting the fund to the fund manager. Professional investment decision is operated by fund manager for the best interest of investors.

why unit trust


With up to 358 awards won to date. We are the most outstanding since 1975.


Your money is safe with us. Trustees from third party are engaged to safeguard investor’s right and interest.


Regulated by Securities Commission Malaysia and Federation of Investment Manager Malaysia (FIMM). 

what we can achieve

High Return

Consistent and high annualized return for medium to long term investment period.

risk diversification

Invested across various market and sector. Unit trust funds with different risk categories to choose from.

power of reinvestment

Regular investment and distribution reinvestment bring the power of compound interest into play.

Investing is simple.

start saving now with unit trust.